Ain't No Thing

I could get feeling down
I could cruise downtown
And find a good place to cry
And drink a bottle dry
I could see
Closing time
I could ease my mind
In all them little honky tonk joints
But baby what's the point?

Ain't no thing
Ain't no thing
So I'm standing in the pouring rain
Ain't like I've never been here before
I'm just here again
Ain't no thing
Ain't no thing
So you're leaving like a long freight train
If I even cry at all
That'll be a crying shame
Cause the sky ain't gonna fall
Boy you know it ain't no thing

Don't feel sorry
Don't feel sad
Don't feel bad about the way you had to break my heart in two
I got news for you
It's okay
It's alright
In fact there's nothing that's quite like being set free
There's other fishes in the sea

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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